Saturday, June 11, 2011

Win a Trip to Paris... for real!

Guys, go check out Oh Happy Day for your chance to win a week in PARIS, as in, France people!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Music Summer Camp - Nampa/Caldwell Idaho Area

Visit A Thrifty Mom's website for your chance to win entry to one of two music summer camps

Friday, May 13, 2011

your chance to win a bird's nest pendant...

Check out The Happy Scraps' version of the bird's nest pendant... very pretty. And she's giving you a chance to win one:

Last Day to Enter for free chalkboard labels...

Head over to EyeSpyDIY for your chance to win some super cute chalkboard vinyl labels. Today's (5/13/11) the last day to enter, so HURRY!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Photos Anyone?

Check out this chance to win a free photo shoot:

You'll need to be in the SLC or Boise area to win.
Good luck!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Whirly-Twirly Scarf...

I just learned how to make this really simple, way-too cute scarf! I can't help but call it the whirly-twirly scarf. It's so, well, twirly! Take a look...

The pattern is one that can be done while watching the kids play or sitting in a lounge-chair by the pool (WISHFUL THINKING!).
Here it is:

Chain 150, turn
Row 1: Chain 3, Double Crochet into 4th Chain from the hook, Double Crochet in each chain to the end, turn
Row 2: Chain 3, Do 2 Double Crochet into each stitch to the end
Row 3: Chain 3, Do 2 Double Crochet into each stitch to the end

You can then single crochet the short end, down the 1st long side and up the other short end to make a clean finish.
I haven't done this on the one picture, but I still think it looks fabulous (if I do say so myself).

***If you love the scarf, but just can't see yourself getting around to making your own... go check out Whoopdwhoop by clicking the button on my side bar. I'm going to list mine there now. If you haven't been to Whoopdwhoop - I really can't say enough about it. It's a great website for crafters and artists to trade their goods with other crafters. You can list your goodies and others can request them. When they do, you earn "whoops" that you can spend to request other crafter's goods. Great for the cheap-skate like me!***

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bird's Nest Pendant

Look at this adorable and inexpensive piece of jewelry I just made! It's a bird's nest pendant. These are so easy to make and customize. Here's how:

Start with about 4 feet of 22 gauge wire, and 3 beads (I used cultured pearls because I think they look like eggs).

Slip the beads onto one end of the wire about 3 inches from the end, and bend it into a triangle shape around them. Twist the short end together with the long end a few times to secure. Leave this "tail" poking up because it will help make the loop that fits on the chain when you're done.

Now begin wrapping the long end of the wire around and around the "eggs" for 5 rounds. This will start making the nest shape. At each of the egg-joints pull the wire around to form a loop; this helps secure the nest so far. Now wrap three rounds and secure at each egg joint. Continue doing this until you only have about 3 inches left.

Bring both ends of the wire together and twist them around eachother. Now with a round-nose plier make a loop and wrap the remaining twisted wire around the base of your loop. Tuck in any pokey ends.

This is supposed to look like a bird's nest, which isn't perfect. Maybe that's why I love this project - you really can't mess it up. You can find all different colors of wire and beads to make these unique. You could even do more or less eggs to signify your children or grand-children.

If my directions are too hard to follow, here is a great You Tube video I watched to learn: